Dollar Store Decor


Well, this is my first blogging experience so I suppose introducing myself should be my first task. I am Emily, a recent graduate with a lot of student loans, lacking a career-type job. As depressed as I am about that, my outlet is making my drab apartment very warm, inviting and well, homey. Making something has its own way of giving you a little boost in pride and what makes it even more special is if its cheap. That is what I am all about. There’s nothing better than going to a thrift shop and haggling something you know has the “potential” down to dirt cheap.¬† I know there are many more people like myself out there, so my hope is that my ideas will extend to you.

So, another thing I love is going to my local dollar store. There are so many possibilities! Recently I had been looking at a wall by my dining table and thinking there needs to be something there. So, I came up with my Collage Birds! I bought three frames from the Dollar Tree, took the backs off and pasted some collage birds I made from old magazines and voila! Art!

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