Snowmen Winebottle Christmas Pretties

Snowmen Winebottle Christmas Pretties

Inspired by Santa’s Coat winebottles on Pinterest. I made these for my Mom for Christmas. They are easy to make and so cute!

What you need:

Empty wine bottle

White spray paint

Black felt for the hat



Burlap ribbon

Hot glue gun/glue


I washed each bottle with dish soap and warm water, be sure to remove any labels. Sometimes the labels leave a residue from the adhesive and this can be removed with a product called “goo gone”. I then let them dry completely. Next you spray paint each bottle with very light coats. Wait till each coat is dry before applying another until the bottles are painted evenly and completely. If you try and put too many coats on at a time, you may get drips and thicker coats tend to chip easier. I did not use any special spray paint but I did look for one that said it worked on glass on the label.

After letting your bottles dry completely, you can start adding the decorations. I hot glued buttons on along with a little bow-tie made from burlap ribbon and twine. There are many tutorials out there on how to make all kinds of bow-ties.

Lastly I made the top hats out of black felt bought at any craft store. First you cut out a large circle for the brim, second, a smaller circle for the top and last, a long rectangular strip for the sides of the hat. Be sure to cut your strip a width that is appropriate for the height of your hat. After cutting your pieces, take the bigger circle that will be the brim and cut a hole in the center large enough for the neck of the wine bottle to fit through. Once you cut it, you can fit it over the neck of the bottle and put a couple of hot glue dots around it just to make sure it is secure. After that cools, wrap the long strip around the neck so that the bottom of the strip meets the brim and trim the strip down so you do not have excess felt. Next take your hot glue and put a small bead around the neck of the bottle close to where the brim sits and also a little bit on the two ends of the strip itself. Wrap the strip around the neck again and secure it down to the bottle neck. Lastly take your smallest circle and put some hot glue around the bottom side and stick it on top of the bottle neck to create the top of the hat.

You can use black puff paint to kind of fill in any spot you can see the white of the bottle through the seems of the pieces of felt.

That’s it, thanks!

12 thoughts on “Snowmen Winebottle Christmas Pretties

    • They are made in three pieces, the brim, the tall part and the round top. I cut a circle out of black felt, then cut another circle within the original circle to make a ring that fits over the neck of the bottle. Then, you cut a strip of the felt that wraps around the stem, and finally another small circle the size of the bottle opening with a little extra to cover. Hope that helps 🙂

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